What To Expect

This isn't just another typical event. We will become family.

Welcome Reception

We start the week off with a welcome reception. great opportunity to network with other attendees and listen to kunals opening remarks.

Daily Class Sessions

Kunal and other guest speakers will be teaching you live daily. You will learn the key techniques and strategies for trading stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Pool Party

Lets have some fun by the pool at the W Dallas hotel. We will host an afternoon by the pool to hang out and get to know each other better.

Top Golf

We have a special outing planned with everyone at Top Golf in Dallas. Lets have some fun and shoot some balls.

Team Dinner

We will be having a special team dinner with our whole team and all the event attendees. We're excited to meet everyone!

Live Trading

We will be having live trading sessions in both stocks and cryptocurrencies. This is a great opportunity to see how Kunal trades both markets. He will walk you through what he's looking at and if there are opportunities you will see him trade live.

*Special events are subject to change*

Class Syllabus

Trading Bootcamp Syllabus

Trading Psychology Syllabus